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October 2014 Byrd Vid (bedankt, Daniel)

Fall into Oct/Nov: Many Colors of Byrd's Feathers

Warren Byrd w Jazzkia@The Cotton Club

 —  —

The Cotton Club, Nieuwmarkt 5-H, Amsterdam, NL


The oldest Jazz club in the Netherlands throws a Jazzkia Yuletide party with Dutch Trumpet diva Saskia Laroo AT THE HELM.

Free to the Public Age limit: 18+ or w/adult


Warren Byrd w Jazzkia@JAZZ PORT Ruigoord

JAZZ PORT Ruigoord (in the church), Ruigoord 76, Amsterdam, NL


Stichting Landjuweel hosts Funky Jazzkia in the church that still cares about the neighbors--A Culturele Vrijhaven--with Saskia Laroo - trumpet, Warren Byrd - piano & voc, Dave Sahanaja - bass (tbc), Daniel van Dalen - Drums. More Info: ruigoord.nl/evenementen/jazzport-ruigoord-5/


Warren Byrd w Jazzkia@Cafe Alto

 —  —

Jazz Cafe Alto, Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 115, Amsterdam, NL


Back for more this December in Amsterdam's busiest local scene-centered jazz club with the versatile Lady Miles, Jazzkia and Warren's Wooly Where-with-all. For more info: www.jazz-cafe-alto.nl/

Free to the Public Age limit: 21+ or w/adult



NewYears' Eve w Legacy:The Keepers of Tradition

 —  —

North End Seniors' Center, 80 Coventry Street, Hartford, CT


the Alvin Carter's Legacy are "The Keepers of Tradition" for this one-time-only Seasonal event featuring the fire and love of some of Hartford's finest: Doug Long-Bass, Saskia Laroo-Trumpet, Byrd-Keys, Alvin Carter-Drums, Vocalist-TBD For More Info, call (860) 757-0801

Age limit: All ages


My Latest ASE joy: a Funk of Burnin' Love* 

Original title: Jazz Souls on Fire, Short Blog by Warren Byrd--an ASE co-founder

*ASE=The Afro-Semitic Experience-- http://afrosemiticexperience.net/

The purpose of doing any project is nothing to do with such lofty anthropological goals as they make us want to write for the major grant proposals. It's more a matter of the non-verbal compulsion to create. Yet, as many of know there's no escaping the tyranny of linear thought and process orientation. In fact, I've learned to respect it for what it is: a way to… Read more



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