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Indigenous Summer--Homie's Hitting in Hometown

Saskia Laroo Band featuring Alexander Beets

 —  —

The Observant, Stadhuisplein 7, Amerfoort, NL


East Central Netherlands Jazz scene at its best with leading impresario and saxophonist Alexander Beets meets Saskia and her crew--plenty of fire to revel.

Age limit: 18+ or w/adult


Alan Easy Band featuring Duo laroo/Byrd

 —  —

Grand Café 't heertje, Plein 2000 7, Huizen, NL


Swing with bassist Nol Von Bennekom's band to the jazz of yesteryear where a happy Laroo trumpets while a plunking Byrd sings, Remco Van Schaik roils the rhythm traps and Aad Overeem toots the reeds--in the heart of Huizen.

Age limit: All ages


My Latest ASE joy: a Funk of Burnin' Love* 

Original title: Jazz Souls on Fire, Short Blog by Warren Byrd--an ASE co-founder

*ASE=The Afro-Semitic Experience-- http://afrosemiticexperience.net/

The purpose of doing any project is nothing to do with such lofty anthropological goals as they make us want to write for the major grant proposals. It's more a matter of the non-verbal compulsion to create. Yet, as many of know there's no escaping the tyranny of linear thought and process orientation. In fact, I've learned to respect it for what it is: a way to… Read more



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