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Live & Online this week!

Dear Music Friends, 

Approaching the end of October and the colored leaves keep falling down, we hope you feel good, we do! Kind of all concert cancellations due to a second wave of the virus. We keep on bringing our weekly Duo Laroo/Byrd Friday Feelgood Concert and we're very excited about the online collaboration film by the Erasmushuis, Jakarta of our Duo Laroo/Byrd meets Colladulur from Indonesia premiering last Friday:

Happy to always love to share our music and connect with you live and online wherever in the world you are--explore us!


  • If circumstances allow, we still anticipate our online concert at Amersfoort Jazz, the Netherlands. All other performances and tours are now cancelled and postponed.
  • The continuation of our weekly Duo Laroo/Byrd Free Friday Feelgood concert series live & online from home since March 20 this year 
  • Live & online giggin' in the Netherlands and the US. 

>Recent past: 

>Commissioned film productions exposing our musical heritage to audiences of other countries. 
-in South Korea: Jazzkia performs for the "Stay Joyful" concert series of the Korea Foundation 
>Intercontinental Virtual Concerts in collaboration with musicians based in their native countries. 
-in Indonesia: The Erasmushuis, Jakarta presents Duo Laroo/Byrd meets Colladulur

  • Virtual concert & a drive in performance in the US: 

>With the Saskia Laroo Band 
 -virtual: in Hartford, CT for Sigourney Square Festival and Keney Park Pondhouse Jazz Series 
 -virtual: in Somers, CT Live From the Farm Store II 
-drive in: in New Bedford, CT for the Zeiterion @ Whale's Tooth Parking Lot
>With Duo Laroo/Byrd 
 -in Hartford, CT: Live for the Hartford Jazz Society and Theaterworks 

  • Live concerts for limited audiences in the Netherlands 

>With The Saskia Laroo Band: 
 -in Rotterdam: A Tribute To the Northsea Jazz Festival 
 -in Austerlitz: Het Beauforthuis + extra concert 
>With Jazzkia 
 -in Leiden: Grand Cafe Van't Huis part 1 & part 2 
 -in Leimuiderbrug: Cafe Ruimzicht
>With Duo Laroo/Byrd
 -in Amsterdam: De Balie & Het Pompstation
 -in Haarlem: Music Cafe Stiels

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