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Recently, friends of mine were outraged to hear a particular "Pop" star* sing a song that portrayed a conundrum of American urban life: Malignant cultural narcissism. I'd define it as when the instruments and machinations of high profit turnover begin to become the mirror by which individuals of the highly targeted demographic group see their mundanity, leading to a deconstruction of productive positive thought into highly enthusiastic, even dogmatic self-delusion. It has never been before this year so much in my face as a thing to behold and see the storms it sets about. However, I wanted to get underneath it a little in this instance because frankly, the road rage around it is more scary, and still thrilling, and still more, grievous. 

So, I decided to write a paraphrase of a statement by a someone who I respect, who has indeed tried to manage a legacy of integrity and excellence and has tried to inspire the same of his charges, who, after seeing the latest "work" of the aforementioned"Pop" star, went on record  (for all intents and purposes, if you say it on Facebook, you've gone on record) to respond for the sake of reclamation of our cultural fiber. However, I've hidden names and completely changed the style of my good man. He sounds more like...an ol' school Jazz-Blues man who still is "with it all"...kinda.

"I’ve been in deep talks with peeps about my posts as of late and I wanna make some things clear. One, I’m not scapegoatin’ any one trouper. The Prime-Time puppets aint the perpetrators on their own; what they’re putting’ down is only a sign of what’s already in my eye as what’s keeping the jive-ass sh-t trashin’ our world. I aint down wit it.
I aint about censorship; I’m about fair share for all styles of thought. That aint been the puppeteers’ plan for our city-based youth. I’m trying to be about a mind frame and direction which should be a part of the game for the wizards of our time. I’m about what will inspire everybody to be better no matter where they’re coming from.

The puppeteers’ plan is straight-up: blow up what they lay down times three, no guilt, no shame—pay-dirt. So they dumb down to the dumbest. The puppeteers’ got the beeline on that; they don’t really care about the greater good of their “geeks”, that is, our youth. They don’t care about their puppets all that much neither. They put every ounce of wit into what’s gonna get those “geeks” to geek some more. Thrills is the kill; sex and brute game maxed-out with the dream of punching through and ruling—backwards, poisonous jive.

The mind-f%#k of the puppeteers help wreck the youth when it really counts. Then, dumbed up, they gotta go out there with barely half-a-deck and deal. The hidden song in the mind-f%#k these puppeteers put down do a lot to cut off and kill the brain power of these kids—that’s what I call “cultural genocide”. I’ve schooled low-down knuckleheads in many set ups. One thing in common is they be checkin’ jams and vids all deep. Their peeps are their peeps—whatever, it do matter. Sad that by the time they wake up, the bus don’ passed them by—Oops! Now that aint all the puppeteers’ fault, but lots a geeks don’ fallen by by the wayside into some deep shit from checkin’ them jams and vids of the mind-f%#k.  

I’ve been running down to young folk a long time: expand yo’ mind. Getting’ yo’ brain around as much as you can—thought power and construction, strategy, philosophy, old schoolin’—aint gonna mess you up; it’s gonna blow you up. The best cats in my business are cats who not only got their own jive, but have checked everybody’s jive past, present, and future. But they gotta “keep it green” for the sake of themselves greater good and everybody else

 I hear you, my Bro--dot it, OG % ^ ) 



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