It is [Warren Byrd] therefore a pianist who is both very solid and very complete who reveals himself the swing of a great intensity is a treat from start to finish with a variety in the atmospheres which corresponds well to the versatile character of the pianist but whose expression very deeply rooted...always emerges regardless of the universe where it evolves” - Jérôme Partage

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Warren Byrd is an accomplished pianist, vocalist, and composer from Hartford, Connecticut. Born in 1965 the youngest in a family of 16, he began his musical journey singing in the church choir with his siblings. He took up piano from age 10. His teenage years were rich with diverse performing arts experiences, leading him to a full scholarship in Classical Voice at Hartt College of Music, although he ultimately pursued jazz. His musical career has involved collaborations with notable artists like Archie Shepp, Eddie Henderson, and Saskia Laroo, also Mixashawn Lee Rozie, Charles Tolliver, and Alvin Carter Jr. and performances across genres from R&B to world music as well as dance, theatre, and sacred music. He would hone his skills as an improvisational solo pianist through his many hours as a dance accompanist at various CT-based dance institutions.

Byrd is also a co-founder of the Afro-Semitic Experience, a group known for blending Jewish and African-American musical traditions. Their latest album is "Our Feet Began To Pray". He touts an enduring career trek with his wife Saskia Laroo, from 2001, partnering among many projects through time as Duo Laroo/Byrd, performing internationally and hosting live-streamed "Feelgood Fridays" during the pandemic. Another of their collaborations include Laroo's 2019 album "Trumpets Around The World". Warren has also brandished his own work, founding Byrdspeak Productions in 1999, re-releasing in 2000 album “Truth Raised Twice” in 2020, and leading his groups, Warren Byrd Trio and Byrdspeak Ensemble.

Warren continues to evolve as an artist, focusing on composing and writing lyrics as doorways to deeper understanding and growth, reflecting his long-standing quest meld catharsis with craft, perhaps bearing sigil in his motto: ...Music speaks free-spirit tongues unleashing grace on souls dancing toward daring peace...More about Warren Byrd? Here's a link:

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